Wednesday, August 19, 2009


amidst warm 'expected' greetings (and no-greetings ;p) from close friends and family today, i must say that unsuspected wishes from friends of the past brightened my day. it feels nice to find that the people that you crossed paths with only briefly and don't pop on your mind so much (or maybe didn't at all huhu) still care to extend birthday wishes and pray for your happiness.

getting to this new age, i can't help but to ponder upon things that i have yet to achieve:

1. ------
2. --- -----
3. ------- -------

(xyah la kira kira sangat dash-dash tu,,entah entah xbetul pun haha)

emm sebenarnya the list goes on almost endlessly, but these are currently the things that hog me more..

nevertheless, i'm thankful for what i have in life -and loving every bits of it- right now :)

berapa umur?

"takpe,,tu sume nombor je...dalam hati tetap darjah 5!", kata Sarah.


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