Sunday, November 1, 2009


I'd been thinking about her these few days.

So when I caught her on Facebook the other night, I hailed, "Hey ho!", and told her that I kinda miss her.

And she told me that she'd been thinking about me too lately.

Yeah, I do believe that when you're thinking about someone, there's a highly good chance that one someone is thinking about you too, with or without you knowing it.

And this often happen among friends.

Zan and me.


yoyoe said...

that's what we called law of attraction. hehe :)

hailwa said...

wah wah dh katam law of attraction!ckp kt emong nak pinjam buku.. :p

Anonymous said...

u make me wanna cry...uhuk huk hu...

hailwa said...

crying anonymously?heheh..

Ara Izat said...

hail-to-the-wa. hailwaaa!
haha. masih comel seperti dulukah? hehe

nadmin said...

ko hailwa MITI kan..kan..kan?
lama betul tak jumpa ko, walaupun 1 ofis(kalo betul la)..haha
bleh terserempak kat sini plak..

hailwa said...

ara: aku senantiasa comel!hhehe

nadmin: ye dah 4 kurun xjumpa ko di ofis,,ko terlalu busy ;P


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