Thursday, November 12, 2009

stf 959 reunited!

In the contact details card which Muniza asked us to fill up during the reunion, there was one difficult question.

Iya betul susah..anak Rom pun berkerut-kerut nak menjawab nih

Owh..ok,,actually there were 2 difficult questions. The first one, sequentially, was "I am _________ at __________." People got a little confused at first as it could be just anything from "I am flabby at the stomach" to "I am such a drama queen at our high school reunion" to "I am in love at first sight" to "I am a murderer at large" or simply "I am mad at Moon for making us confess things to her!"...before some smart girls figured out that the right answer was supposed to sound like "I am a CEO at the biggest company in the world". Huhuuh..

But the real difficult question in question was "Write down one incident that you remember happened in STF". Man...everybody was kind of went blank looking at that question. Was it because after a whole night  of chit-chattering, screaming, posing, cam-whoring and laughing your heart out, your mind just won't function right,, or was it because when you have so much memories, be them good, bad, funny or scary, your mind would just blend them all together and store it at a small piece of your brain that when people ask "How was your schooling years?" you can only recall it as "the superb 5 years of my life!".

Almost gave up, I just simply jot down "too many!" at first.

But then, considering Moon's effort to compile this contact book (ceh ceh ceh! ;p but seriously Moon, we're thankful of your brilliant idea and efforts), I forced my brain to think of one, and decided to write down whatever incident that crossed my mind.

So the incident that I forced down was "sports day". But surprisingly, after writing that, suddenly all the memories throughout the 5 years spent at STF came gushing through my mind like water flowing rapidly down the stream, that I felt like I almost choked trying to spell them out in words.

"sports day; escape prep petang pastu kena tangkap dengan warden pastu kena prep kat Bilik Warden; kena kejar dengan bapak beruk sampai depan Dining Hall; datang lambat senaman pagi pastu kena duduk kat luar tennis court; escape P.E dekat Gym pastu kena tangkap dengan Cik Ramlah pastu kena lari netball court 12 round; stay-up kat Dining Hall; round compound; hockey practice"...but damn the space on that card was limited! But yeah, Moon asked for 1 incident only after all..

What a school life it had been!

Years gone by and counting, all those now are just sweet memories that may not immediately come up when recalled, but they surely will stay someplace in your mind that maybe on some quiet days, they may just resurface at their own will and bring smiles, laughters or even tears to you.

This lovely Rina's photo is fun!

Moon's STFville :)


a.k.a. apot said...

banyak giler memori tapi aku pilih satu..huhu, di marahi oleh makcik amah sebab kecah common room or suppose to be "dikejar oleh mereka otw ke kelas dengan penyapu"...

hailwa said...

hahahah..aku ingat yg k.midah & the gang dlu selalu 'lecture' kita sebab buat kita mmg baik dgn makcik cleaner blok b kan

a.k.a. apot said...

sbb dorg sangat best..tiba2 teringat nasi lemak makcik blok A yg sangat sedap..tiap2 pagi rase nak beli

wahida said...

woah, byk ko senaraikan ek? aku lupa aku senaraikan ke idak ek? haha.

Y- A-T-T said...

Ada sorang makcik cleaner blok B, nama dia makcik ani... dia mak angkat aku... suka bagi aku duit belanja untuk makan di kantin... dan suka bagi aku kerepek.... sedehnyer.... teringat kat dia...

hailwa said...

najmah: aah la nasik lemak tu sedap..ingatan tu bertambah sedap lagi time2 tgh lapar mcm skang ni

wahie: tula mula2 aku dh malas dh nak layan soalan muniza tu..sekali macam2 lak yg aku tiba2 teringat..

yatt: aku ingat ada makcik cleaner blok b ada nama makcik ani!tapi aku xingat plak la muka dia..huhuh

Marliza Radzi said...

sorry moon, aku tak jawab soalan tu. tertekanlah nak fikir dalam keadaan riang ria menjerit suka ketika itu. heh.

hailwa said...

ye, soalan yang menekan huhuuh. kalo org lain yg suruh aku dah protes dah,,tapi sebab moon... heheheh


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