Wednesday, October 6, 2010

number cruncher

In the 25km Newton Run 2010:

My bib number: 2345

My ranking number: 111

My gun time: 3:45:41.58

My chip time: 3:43:20.13


All this beautiful play of numbers make me smile despite the fact that the lovely bib number didn't help make my run any faster, the ranking number means I'm nearer to the bottom of the rank than to the top of it, and the timing says I walked more than I ran.

It was the longest distance I ever tried so far, and what a gruesome first-time experience this one was! That Sunday was indeed a sun day, which seemed like the hottest day of the hottest days in Malaysia that you could feel the sun clawing your back and you'd feel just like being flipped in a frying pan when the course then changed facing the sun; the whole route was all hilly it felt like going through a roller coaster ride on foot; there were no distance markers could be seen except for the last 5km; only a small number of medals  were available for the superfast runners and no finisher's medals given to the more slow-but-steady majority; and there were no goodies, no food/fruit/refreshment/drinks (except for a bottle of mineral water. And we later found out the Milo lorry was long gone before even half of the runners were done), no nothing offered to exhausted runners upon finishing albeit the RM60 'roller coaster' ticket paid. :(

But yay the finisher's tee is cute and we the back of the pack rembat 2 each to compensate the absence of a finisher's medal! Hah! :D

"2 helai", kata Sang Perembat.

Oh but now seeing that the :( paragraph is much more long-winded than the :D paragraph, I wished that I had snatched 4 tees instead...huhuuh.


a.k.a. apot said...

haih..sang petamak!!

hailwa said...

hoih sang perembat yang sama2 tamak!! hehehe


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