Saturday, February 6, 2010

chicken run

I'm such a chicken shit.

I've been wanting to try racing a half-marathon for ages, but never had the gut to join any. Dari zaman kurus-dan-fit, kepada kurus-tapi-tak fit, kepada gemuk-tapi-fit, dan kini menjadi gemuk-dan-tak fit. Haih.. I always doubted that I would be able to finish a whole 21km.

So when I found out about Putrajaya Night Marathon in which there'll be a half-marathon category as well, I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to try my first 21km run, since this race will be held at night  time (so I won't have to deal with the beating heat of the sun, thus reduce the possibility for me to pass out somewhere along my run...errr do you get the straight-forward thinking as such?).

But as anxious and nervous as I always am to go through such a long run, my training log (not that I really have one though,,it's just a mere calculation in my head ;p) barely recorded not even half of the race distance though I've already registered for the run since early this year! Huhuhuu..

For tonight's race, I hope all you hopping bunnies out there will kindly cross your fingers and pray that I will survive the 21km. As this will be my first attempt, I certainly don't put any time target to score. I just hope that I will make it to the finishing line on my own two feet, and not in the sweeper vehicle or worse, in an ambulance. Any better achievement than that would be sweet :)

Okayy,,now my feet have already gone cold and there's a farm of butterflies fluttering madly in my stomach.. Fuhhh!!


~n0rliza 0thman~ said...

lame tak update..
so ape cerita pasal larian ko ni.. dah lepas kan?

hailwa said...

sukses! hehhehe berjaya habiskan & dapat finisher's medal :)

~n0rliza 0thman~ said...

wah.. tahniah tahniah!!boleh le join lagi mende2 ni ek.. aku dah pencen kata ko.. gemok tak kurus2+tak fit langsung hehe..

a.k.a. apot said...

congrats ilwa

hailwa said...

ahahahha..thanks. congrats jugak najmah

Nozie Yusof said...

dengan rsminya nk bgtau..

makcik nk tukar blog

pindah ke

org kata WP lembabs maka pindah la ke sana


c u there


wsxwhx694 said...

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